Top beautiful 5 silk saris for wedding In India

The Indian silk saris for wedding known since the ancient times for their overwhemling beauty and unmatched varieties of designs and colors. Known to be the traditional bridal wear for the Indian brides. Wedding cannot be said completed without the expensive saris made from pure silk.

Various silk saris gets manufactured from different parts of the country. Indian women loves wearing multicolored colored saris made from silk during festive seasons, social get to together like the kitty parties. The south Indian saris made from pure silk is known worldwide for its ethereal beauty and glamour it provides.

The Various Types of Indian Silk Saris

The silk saris manufactured and woven from different states varies in designs and styles. Some of the widely known saris made from silk include- the Banarasi saris, Kanchipuram saris, Bandhni saris, Thanchoi saris, Patola saris, Paithani saris.

The Banarasi Saris– The Banarasi silk saris are among the most expensive and popular sarees woven in Benaras. Usually made from gold thread and so very expensive. Popular as bridal wear , there are four varieties of this sari which include: the kora, the katari, the sattir and the georgette. Designs on this saris consists of animal patterns, flower designs, as well as nature. Mostly a month is required to complete a single sari.

silk saris for wedding

The Kanchipuram Saris– The contrasting and the unique color of the Kanchipuram saris makes it a unique choice among other saris. Traditional designs found in these saris include floral buttas, checks, stripes, designs of temples and flowers. The pallu, the border and the body of the sari is crafted separately and joined together in an authentic Kanchipuram sari. These silk saris are popular for the vibrancy and long lasting quality.


The Bandhni Saris– These saris are popular Rajasthan and Gujarat. Known to be designed by the traditional method of tie and dye which is known as Bandhej. Different colored designs and patterns get formed on the saris after using the traditional method.


The Thanchoi Saris-These sarees consist of an unconventional pallu and the designs include flower types. These saris have no borders and are exclusively woven from Benaras.


The Paithani Saris- This expensive sari is made from both silk and metal. The colors used in these saris are taken from natural resources like the flowers, leaves, soil and other nature resources. These saris are considered to be elegant because it is made from pure silk and includes metallic designs.


Apart from the above saris, there are many other saris made from pure silk which are significant state wise. Like the Baluchari saris made from Murshidabad in West Bengal. The Patola silk saris famous for the marvelous geometric designs well crafted from Gujarat. Saris made from pure silk are significant part for the Indian bride. No matter what variety of sari one chooses, the authenticity of the silk used to weave the saris should be known firmly.

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