Arabic Mehendi for all occasions whether it is big or small, has become mandatory, isn’t it? We love searching for those designs which  suit us best and enjoy looking at our Mehendi once it is done and keeps on growing darker. Popular belief is prevalent even today that the darker the Mehendi, the more your beloved loves you, you never know!

So we mix it up with some arabic mehndi design and bring to you 10 latest  & unique designs that will make you astounded.

Arabic Mehndi designs are somewhat different because they are not as intricate when compared with the Indian Mehndi designs. Arabic Mehndi designs are renowned not just for simple vine patterns all over the hand but also full hand and leg Mehendi designs..

The Arabic Mehendi designs are attractive because they are more on the minimalist side. It is perfect while attending small functions the bride attends without feeling like she has overdone it and also keeping her hands red.

What is Arabic Mehndi design

Arabic mehendi design

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1. Free Flowing

Arabic style Mehendi are free-flowing designs. The designs are generally patterned on the palms and do not generally continue to the arms. There are no edgy patterns and the smooth flow of the design makes it look attractive.

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2. Scattered Patterns

Arabic Mehendi designs are more spread out through the palms and do not include focussed patterns. They also include dots and are mostly minimalist .

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3. Not Intricate

The Typical Indian henna designs are intricate, but the Arabic Mehendi designs are simplistic in nature. Simple patterns include vines, leaves, flowers, and few other natural designs.

4. Colour Variations

Arabic Mehendi design gets dried quickly and so it becomes easy to experiment with different shades. They give colours in variations of maroon, black, light, dark orange, semi-dark yellow because of the shading techniques.

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5. Hearts And Jaali Finger Mehndi Designs

Decorating your fingers with hearts to show everyone how excited you are about the wedding – that’s an ideal plan!

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6. Scattered Bold Strokes Heart Arabic Mehendi Design

This minimal adored half hand Mehndi combine with finger mehndi design is a pretty twist to the original Arabic mehndi designs.

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7. Contemporary Arabic Mehndi Design for Backhand

This contemporary Arabic mehendi design for back-hand is a stunning one.

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8. Indo-Arabic Mehndi Designs

While Arabic Mehendi had very beautifully made a place in the books of Indian bridal trends and picks, the talented Mehendi artists have patterned some of the designs by adding the Indian Mehendi patterns. These Indo-Arabic Mehendi designs are loved by almost every bride who is looking forward to more detailed and fuller henna designs for their magical Mehendi ceremony.

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9. The Story-Telling Mehendi Design ART

The peacock and fish patterns in bold strokes that are usual in Arabic Mehendi designs.

Source : Pinterest

10. Floral Arabic Mehndi with The Elephant Pattern

While the flowers form the core of the Arabic Mehendi designs, the elephant symbol is the Indo-Arabic element here. The elephant has a very special significance in wedding ceremonies. Elephants represent royalty, wisdom, longevity and loyalty – some of the qualities that make a super successful marriage. The simple vine consists of flowers and petals, with elephant patterns can be done in a matter of minutes.

The Arabic mehndi designs are the way to go if you are looking for something uncluttered on your hands. They can be used by themselves or even with a fusion of different design patterns.

Don’t these designs make you long to put some on your own hands? Go to our list of expert mehndi artists for the perfect designs.

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