Top 10 Rituals Followed In Bengali Wedding

Bengali wedding is almost similar to other hindu weddings. various rituals like the Gaye Holud(Haldi ceremony), Bor jatri(where teh bridegroom along with his family comes to the bride’s house for wedding) , Bor Boron(Here the mother of the bride welcomes the groom by offering him sweets and chants some prayers), Potto Bastra(Here the elder member of the family offers new clothes to the bridegroom which symbolises that the bridegroom needs to take responsibility of the bride from the moment), Saat Paak and Subho Drisht (here the brother of the bride takes her hand and complete seven circles. following this , the groom and bride sits next to each other. . This ritual is known as Subho drishti(Subho means lucky and Drishti means looking at something) because the bride looks to at the groom after removing the betel leaves with which she covers her face , Mala Badal(here both the bride and groom exchange floral garlands. Yagna and saptapadi(The couple sits in front of the fore and recites hymns in the presence of priest. Anjali( Here the brother of the bride puts puffed rice ‘khoi’ in the hands of the bride . The groom then holds the bride’s hands while they put ‘khoi’ into the fire. Sindoor Daan and Ghomta(the groom applies sindoor on the bride’s head where the hair parts. Then the bride covers her head with a new saree offered by the groom. Bashi Biye(this is held in the bride’s house on the next day after the actual wedding. In the presence of the priest , both the bride and groom chants prayers to the sun. And the groom applies sindoor on the head of his wife with a gold ring or gold coin.
This is followed by many other rituals-bidaai, bodhu boron, bou bhaat etc.