Rituals Followed By the Hindu Bride

Weddings are a celebration of love and whole life commitment, and also a celebration of the couple’s religion and culture. One such ceremony that you might not be so familiar with? A Hindu wedding ceremony in which the bride has to follow several rituals for a successful marriage. There are a few of the Hindu wedding rituals and traditions readers can expect to see. The Wedding Date is Determined in the Stars. Before fixing the wedding of the Hindu bride, her date of birth is taken into consideration. And is matched with the bridegroom’s date of birth. The astrological position of the stars both of the bride and bridegroom are also taken into consideration. Marriages cannot be done within the same clan.

1. The Bride’s Hands and Feet Are Adorned with Henna Paint During a Mehendi Ceremony:

Mehendi is applied on the bride so that she remains and prosperous all throughout life.

2. The Couple Exchanges Floral Garlands during the Jai Mala:

Here both the Hindu bride and the bridegroom exchanges florals which signifies their desire to marry each other.

3. The Father of the Bride Pours Water Through the Bride’s Hand As He Gives Her Away:

Also known as kanyadaan. It is believed that in the Hindu tradition, no man can claim a woman until she is offered. So during this kanyadaan ceremony, the father of the bride places his daughter’s hands into the groom’s hands as a gesture of giving her away.

4. Sindoor and the Red Dress:

The Sindoor(red-orange powder) is applied on the forehead of the bride during the ceremony which indicates that she is married. The red dress which the bride wears symbolizes prosperity as well as fertility.

5. The Hindu bride wears the Mangalsutra given by the bridegroom:

The Mangalsutra consists of gold and black beads. The Mangalsutra is said to receive blessings of Lord Lakshmi throughout marriage.

Hindu rituals are an age old tradition and are followed eventually  in this modern world by the hindu bride for a successful married life.

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