Top 15 photoshoot poses for the Couple

Choosing a great pose can make an image from good to amazing. Nowadays, every couple needs to have their fine card of photoshoot poses. And they look through various sites for finding an interesting one. So below in this article, there are 15 unique and essential wedding photoshoot pose ideas are shown for couples that will help them to choose as per their compatibility for prewedshoot.

1. Blind Folded By Her – There are many Indian tradition which says that the groom must not see the bride before the wedding. So let us follow this tradition, don’t let the groom see the bride in her dress before the wedding! To make the shoot really special and exciting, make the bride cover the groom’s eyes just before the big reveal. This can be considered to be a great pose to begin the wedding shoot, so that a story can be created from the subsequent shots.

2. The First Look– It is very necessary that the first look the groom should be captured of the bride in her wedding suit! If the couple agrees to it, you can get this shot in private before the ceremony.

3. Lying in the Grass– For a, unique shot, let the couple lie down in the grass with their heads together, facing opposite directions. Have them close their eyes, and for a sweet touch ask the bride to place her hand on the groom’s face.

4. First Dance Together– A couple’s firsts are very important. Usually the couple’s first dance happens at the reception, but you can also have your couple practice their first dance during their photo shoot. This helps in creating a perfect memory for their photo album.

5. Wide Angle Drama– For a more dramatic shot, take the couple out into the woods or a field, and let them hold their hands while you take a wide-angle shot. Ask the couple to talk to each other, so they look natural and relaxed. This shot looks better from a distance.

6. The Hand Kiss– For a sweet or fairytale-like shot, ask the groom to kiss the bride’s hand.

7. The Forehead Kiss– If you are having trouble getting the couple to relax, here’s a great go-to pose for you. The groom can be asked to wrap his arms around the bride from behind to kiss her on her forehead. This pose will enhance her natural glow which in turn will increase her confidence that can be noticed during the rest of the session.

8. The Relaxed Gaze– This is a great pose for capturing a relaxed, natural gaze. Have the couple sit down casually. You could ask the groom to rest his arm on one knee or stretch his feet out in front of him, and have the bride lean in close to him. Let them have a casual chat or interacting with some props while capture is going on with their loving expressions.

9. The Walk– Adding movement can really help to make your shot look more natural. Especially if you have a beach or riverside, then it’s a natural place to make the couple walk on the shore. Let them talk and take lots of shots as they move. However, even if your location isn’t ideal, take the shot anyway! It will make for a fun, unique photo.

10. The Weather– Raining on your photo shoot? Use the weather in your favor by getting a unique shot. Like for example, let the groom cover the bride with his jacket. This might look cinematic and exciting. 

11. Shadows in the Umbrella–  Props can be added like an umbrella. This will add charm to a particular image. If you are shooting at night, ask the couple to hold the umbrella towards the camera and add a light behind it. This light leads to the  creation of a shadow of the couple inside the umbrella and produces a scintillizing, memorable shot.———

12. Photo Frame– Another great prop is a photo frame. Let the couple hold the frame together, and capture different shots from various angles. You can also use windows or other structures in the vicinity as a frame for the photo.


13. The Typography Prop– There are various props available in this modern world. And the Typography Prop is one among them. It is a quick and easy way to take a unique photo. Get creative with this, and try different poses and different angles to find a fun look.

14. The Shoulder Rest– Ask the bride to relax on the shoulder of the groom. If a wide-angle shot is to be taken, make sure her train is stretched out behind her. Or if a close up shot is taken, the look of the shot can soften with the help of backlighting.

15. Finally, The Kiss– Once the couple are completely comfortable with each other and is feeling at ease, it is then time to allow them to kiss. If the shot is to be taken in a lighter note, then make situations to make them laugh. Or, if an intimate mood is to be created, then place the bride’s veil over the couple. This will create a more seductive shot and looks more attractive.

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