Top 20 Wedding Dress For Men

Men nowadays have a great choice in choosing their reception attire. Whether it is in morning or night, various outfits have been prepared which makes it quite exciting for the guys to choose form. The fashion designers of today are creating great designs . this has been cherished by the youngsters of today. Mariage is something which is traditional. But in the wedding reception, guys feel that they change their attire upto some extent as per their choices. Some receptions are done in the open field during the day, some are done during night. Various collections about these have been made- Satin Lapelled Beocade Tuxedo, Dazzling Suit, Golden & black fusion suit, Zipped Jacket, Short Blue Jacket, Nehru Jacket, Brown Slit kurta, Black Long kurta, Glamorous with Erratic Lines, Mustard Assymetrical Bandhgala, Purple- green floral sherwani, Indo Western Wear, Ivory Jacket, Simple Jacket, Traditional Indian Wear

Top 16 Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations In Delhi

Delhi has been a great option for young couples to do their pre- wedding shoot. Some of the best locations along with minimal fees are chosen and elaborately described so that the young couples who are ready to get married can enjoy their shoots and make it a memorable one. The locations include lodhi garden, garden of five senses, itc grand bharat hotel, The Roseate, Champa Gali, India Gate, Photo Paradise, Rail Museum, Agrasen Ki Baoli, the Perfect Location, Faridabad, Lodhi Art District Hauz khas fort and lake, neemrana fort, Okhla bird sanctuary and many more.

Top 5 Pre-wedding Shoot Locations in Jaipur

Jaipur is a great location for pre-wedding shoots. The youngsters prefer Jaipur because it has that succinct beauty to attract the vsitors. Some preferred dresses for the bride and groom are preferred during shooting at these locations. Like the Hawa Mahal, Chomu Palace,Patrika Gate,Man sagar lake, Maharaniyon ki chattriyan

Top 5 Tips To Plan Your Monsoon Wedding With Ease

Monsoon Wedding in India can be well performed if planned accurately beforehand. Lots of things are to be kept in mind for wedding to take place during monsoon. Firstly the fabric must be comfortable. For the bride, chiffon, georgette are much more preferred rather than the banarasi, silk, velvet. Then, light weight jewelry are much more preferred along with flat sandals for the bride rather than wearing heels. And the last point which cannot be ignored completely is the make up. The make up should be water proof.

Top 5 Indian Wedding Games For Girl

Indian Wedding Games for girl is rising tremendously. Usually it happens before the wedding, the girls become very nostalgic about the memories they had spent in their own homes. So they feel like it should be made more memorable. Hence so wedding games were introduced so that the bride invites all friends and plans wedding games which will not make any bride feel uncomfortable, they enjoy a lot

Top 10 Rituals Followed In Bengali Wedding

Bengali wedding is almost similar to other hindu weddings. various rituals like the Gaye Holud(Haldi ceremony), Bor jatri(where teh bridegroom along with his family comes to the bride’s house for wedding) , Bor Boron(Here the mother of the bride welcomes the groom by offering him sweets and chants some prayers), Potto Bastra(Here the elder member of the family offers new clothes to the bridegroom which symbolises that the bridegroom needs to take responsibility of the bride from the moment), Saat Paak and Subho Drisht (here the brother of the bride takes her hand and complete seven circles. following this , the groom and bride sits next to each other. . This ritual is known as Subho drishti(Subho means lucky and Drishti means looking at something) because the bride looks to at the groom after removing the betel leaves with which she covers her face , Mala Badal(here both the bride and groom exchange floral garlands. Yagna and saptapadi(The couple sits in front of the fore and recites hymns in the presence of priest. Anjali( Here the brother of the bride puts puffed rice ‘khoi’ in the hands of the bride . The groom then holds the bride’s hands while they put ‘khoi’ into the fire. Sindoor Daan and Ghomta(the groom applies sindoor on the bride’s head where the hair parts. Then the bride covers her head with a new saree offered by the groom. Bashi Biye(this is held in the bride’s house on the next day after the actual wedding. In the presence of the priest , both the bride and groom chants prayers to the sun. And the groom applies sindoor on the head of his wife with a gold ring or gold coin.
This is followed by many other rituals-bidaai, bodhu boron, bou bhaat etc.

Popular Wedding Songs Played During Indian Weddings

During Indian Wedding, Wedding songs play an important role. Their role cannot be denied even in this modern world.They play a great significance before marriage like haldi, mehendi , during marriage like when te vaarat arrives, during the vidai ceremony as well.In some Indian families, when the bride arrives for the first time along with the groom after her marriage to her in-laws house, then welcome song is sung by the groom’s family, music are also played. In order to make the bride feel like its her own home.

Top 5 Rules Followed In Indian Marriage

Indian marriage are truly unique. The foreigners while touring India , if they have a chance to visit any Indian marriage , they truly remain excited because they enjoy this Indian marriage rituals. Consent of parents are very much essential while the children get married. Various factors are taken into consideration while choosing a bride or the groom for their son or daughter. The boy must have a good physical appearence. Also the girl must be excellent in cooking, stitching, and cleaning as well. The cultural background of both the families are to be taken into great consideration while fixing a match for their daughter and son. Moreover, in India the children prefer to have their life partner selected by their parents rather than by themselves. This is seen in children from 18 to 35 years of age.