Dress Code For Wedding Followed In India?

Busy planning your wedding but haven’t decided what to write on your invitations? The following points gives you the  various dress codes suitable for wearing while attaining a wedding function.

Including a dress code for wedding is a well- designed way to increase the tone, theme, or mood for the big day. It also helps guests decide what to wear (formal or informal) on your wedding.

Following dress codes provides guidance as to the meaning behind what each style of dress portrays:


A cocktail dress code is most applicable in a semi-formal wedding. Cocktail attire isn’t completely formal and can, therefore, still be a little fun but is clearly a step above smart casual. Traditionally, cocktail attire for women indicated those dresses that were knee-length. Nowadays, any length shorter than the evening dress are considered cocktail dress appropriate. For men wondering what to wear to an event requiring cocktail attire: you’re generally required to wear a suit, preferably a dark one in navy or charcoal, accompanied by a white or muted colour shirt. And of course, don’t forget a tie or perhaps even a pocket square. If the wedding you’re attending is in the afternoon, you can be a little freer with the colours and patterns of your shirt, tie and, pocket square. However, if the wedding is an evening cocktail event, the rule about dark colours and muted tones definitely applies.

Lounge suit:

A lounge suit is suitable for a semi-formal day time dress code for wedding. But what does lounge suit mean? Lounge suit is the traditional English way of describing a suit, and the lounge suit is directed more towards men rather than women. Men are expected to wear a classic coats, waistcoat, smart shirt, and tie, and women are required to wear a dress that is suitable for the daytime. The lounge suit is a contemporary option for those who would prefer to avoid a more traditional form of dress, such as the morning suit.


The formal dress code is located somewhere between cocktail and black tie. For the ladies this dress code requires a short or long formal dress, a pantsuit, or dressy separates. For men, a dark suit, white shirt, and conservative tie is appropriate. Men can opt to wear a tuxedo if they wish, as the formal dress code is really another way to describe black tie optional.

Black tie:

This means black tie is optional and creative black tie means simply black tie with splashes of colour and excellent accessories. Black tie is the second most formal dress code and is traditionally preserved for evening weddings. If we go beyond the title, black tie doesn’t mean one must wear black, although traditionally men must wear the black tuxedo with a bow tie. Black tie appropriate attire because women can wear an evening gown of any colour.

White tie:

White tie, known as full evening dress, is also a formal suited for an evening wedding beginning after 6 pm. Men can wear formal shoes, trousers with a stripe of satin on either side, a double breasted evening tailcoat with a white shirt, a white waistcoat, and white bow tie. Traditionally as well as in the modern context, white tie attire for women demands that a ball gown to be worn.  Evening length gloves along with tiaras can be worn by married women only.

Jacket and tie:

A jacket and tie dress code is applicable in a semi-formal wedding. Regarded to be more formal than cocktail, the jacket and tie dress code for wedding is similar to lounge suit as it requires men to wear a suit jacket with the tie. Women can wear a cocktail dress that is shorter than floor-length, a dressy separates to a jacket and tie event. When it comes to men, the dress code indicates the obvious: a jacket and tie. A suit, or a smart blazer can blend well too.

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