Wedding Dress

Top 10 Wedding Reception Dresses For The Bride

In the ancient times, the bride were very shy. They used to wear whatever was decided by their in-laws . To put their own choice into something, seemed a big shyness for them. But in the modern days , the bride have choices in choosing their attires for their reception. And how can they ignore , the world class dresses made by designers like Manish Malhotra, Gaurav Gupta. So various types of dresses include-Tantalizing structured gowns, lust worthy lavender saree – gown, Voluminous beauty with cape sleeves, slaying in gold, banarasi lehengas FTW, Ivories lehenga skirt, ivory and gold lehenga skirt, ivory organza, rose gold belted lehenga, Red ball gown,custom made silver grey off shoulder gown.

Top 20 Wedding Dress For Men

Men nowadays have a great choice in choosing their reception attire. Whether it is in morning or night, various outfits have been prepared which makes it quite exciting for the guys to choose form. The fashion designers of today are creating great designs . this has been cherished by the youngsters of today. Mariage is something which is traditional. But in the wedding reception, guys feel that they change their attire upto some extent as per their choices. Some receptions are done in the open field during the day, some are done during night. Various collections about these have been made- Satin Lapelled Beocade Tuxedo, Dazzling Suit, Golden & black fusion suit, Zipped Jacket, Short Blue Jacket, Nehru Jacket, Brown Slit kurta, Black Long kurta, Glamorous with Erratic Lines, Mustard Assymetrical Bandhgala, Purple- green floral sherwani, Indo Western Wear, Ivory Jacket, Simple Jacket, Traditional Indian Wear

Top 5 Tips To Plan Your Monsoon Wedding With Ease

Monsoon Wedding in India can be well performed if planned accurately beforehand. Lots of things are to be kept in mind for wedding to take place during monsoon. Firstly the fabric must be comfortable. For the bride, chiffon, georgette are much more preferred rather than the banarasi, silk, velvet. Then, light weight jewelry are much more preferred along with flat sandals for the bride rather than wearing heels. And the last point which cannot be ignored completely is the make up. The make up should be water proof.

Rituals Followed in America Weddings

America Weddings are not following the same rituals as before. There has been a slight change in their approach. Their wedding attire changed. They do not follow the same tradition as their previous wedding dresses. Instead they prefer jumpsuits. They love showing their wedding through the technological means. The brides love champagne toast before their weddings with their favorite ladies. Also the bridegrooms’ involvement is more in the weddings. This affirmation were stated by the bride themselves. Personalized trending like the non-traditional wedding cakes,like the cupcakes, pies, doughnuts are ordered to celebrate the wedding. And this tradition has been followed in India too.


While selecting the wedding dress, for the Indian bride it is very important to understand that wedding is a very special moment for the Indian bride. They should choose colors which will make them stand from the crowd by the color, designs of their wedding apparels. So the bride needs to choose her wedding gowns carefully emphasising on every minute detail on they apparel they wish to wear. Indian brides