Top 5 Bridal Jewellery For Your Wedding Ceremony

The Indian bridal jewelry have gained a worldwide significance because of the stunning designs it possess. But the actual beauty of the jewelry pieces has a deeper significance and considered to be an amalgamation of spiritual and cultural essences for the most auspicious and beautiful occasion of a woman’s life.

A bride of any country remains incomplete without the elegant touch of some jewelry pieces which gives her entire get up a royal look. Bridal jewelry magnifies the beauty of the bride’s attire. The solah shringar which comes up with all the jewellery pieces is said to create completeness to the entire attire of the Indian bride. Bridal jewelry makes special attention to the Indian tradition because the bride’s look depends a lot on the kind of jewelry she wears. Even people of other countries love wearing the Indian bridal jewellery on special occasions.

Nowadays, one can find that there are plenty of metals in which bridal jewelry pieces are available. The most popular pieces include gold, platinum as well as silver. Fancy jewelry pieces made from colorful metals are much more popular than the jewellery made from metals like gold or silver. However, nowadays considering the variety in demand, techniques like Kundan, lac, jadau are also becoming trendy and used for making bridal jewelry pieces in all parts of India.

If we deeply focus on traditional Indian jewelry, then we find that it is mostly made of gold. The prime reason for this is the belief of the people in the value of the metal for events such as a marriage ceremony.

However, due to the subjective choices of the people, brides generally go for mixed metal jewelry by making changes as per their attire and choice.

Below is an elaborate description of some of the essential pieces which form a significant part of the Indian bridal jewelry:

Maang Tikka– This piece of jewelry fills up the center parting of a woman’s hair which Indian women preferably use for putting vermillion after marriage. One of the important signs of a woman married in Hindu religion.

While selecting your maang tikka, make sure you choose it according to the size of your forehead. Ladies having broader forehead looks good in a heavier maang tikka and those having smaller forehead can try the light delicate one. Maang tikka is generally made along with the bridal set matching with the colors of the necklace and the earrings. It can also be made separately to look stunning with a different smile on the face.

Considered to be the most essential piece of the bridal jewelry, it is considered mandatory to be worn by all Indian bride. Adds a ethereal touch and adds glamour to her overall beauty. Nowadays, brides prefer wearing necklaces made of gold, but with colorful and glittering touch of kundan and diamond. 

Earrings– The bridal necklace and earrings both complement each other. In fact, the bride without anyone of these two whether it is the jewellery or the necklace wearing on her wedding day or prior to that lacks the bridal beauty missing. Since earrings needs to be worn during the entire marriage ceremony, so the selection should be carefully done along with the comfort one can carry with that particular set.

Even wearing a nose ring or (a nath), this can be of a round shape, is optional, but the uniqueness that the bride makes by wearing this jewel cannot be ignored. Introduced by the Mughals in the Indian culture slowly became a symbol of marital happiness. The traditional patterns of Nath are much more preferred. It is obviously the most beautiful piece of Indian jewelry. Regarded to be the most beautiful piece of Indian Jewelry, the Nath is made by choosing metals with the colors that match with the bridal dress. Size depends on one’s overall personality.

Bangles– The Bangles also adorns every Indian bride. On the day of her wedding, the bride can wear golden bangles. Again in some traditions, there is a culture to wear colorful glass bangles during the wedding ceremony. Bangles come in various designs and one can get it made in only gold or a gold bangle with diamond studs on it.

Some brides choose diamond bangles as it greatly complements with light-colored bridal wears. Bangles decorated with Kundan work are also in trend and greatly admired by the brides because Kundan gives an artful design to the bangles done by mixing gold and uncut diamonds. It has gained a lot of popularity in designs preferred for bangles during Indian weddings.

Finger Rings– This is an important requirement in the wedding jewelry set. She is supposed to wear her engagement ring along with other jewelry pieces of the bridal set. Nowadays, available in colorful stone-studded rings matching with the bridal outfit. Since it is considered to be very auspicious, so the Indian brides can wear during the marriage ceremony and even after marriage also. It is one of the important signs of a married woman.

Waistband– Waistbands has again come back in fashion and forms an essential part of the Indian bridal jewelry. From heavy – broad waistbands to slimmer ones, brides have started wearing from the different varieties depending on their outfits and preferences. Some brides prefer wearing it as it not only covers the bare torso area while intensifying its beauty but also adds a seraphic aura to the bride’s marvelous look.

These jewelry pieces not only forms an essential part of the Indian bride’s jewelry box but also attains an undying love in an Indian woman’s heart.

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