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Top 5 Indian Wedding Games For Girl

Indian Wedding Games for girl is rising tremendously. Usually it happens before the wedding, the girls become very nostalgic about the memories they had spent in their own homes. So they feel like it should be made more memorable. Hence so wedding games were introduced so that the bride invites all friends and plans wedding games which will not make any bride feel uncomfortable, they enjoy a lot

Popular Wedding Songs Played During Indian Weddings

During Indian Wedding, Wedding songs play an important role. Their role cannot be denied even in this modern world.They play a great significance before marriage like haldi, mehendi , during marriage like when te vaarat arrives, during the vidai ceremony as well.In some Indian families, when the bride arrives for the first time along with the groom after her marriage to her in-laws house, then welcome song is sung by the groom’s family, music are also played. In order to make the bride feel like its her own home.

Top 51 Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas

Every couple dreams for a lavish wedding stage. This wedding stage plays a vital role in wedding decorations. It is important that the wedding stage be decorated well. So the guests appreciate it. Stage decorations can be done in a simple or in an extravagant manner. It all demands how the client demands. So below are the list of 51 wedding stage decorations so that there is no confusion in choosing the idle one.